The Junior Ladies of Charity are young women, elementary through college age, who promote and support the Vincentian Spirit.


To recognize the face of Christ in the poor by identifying and responding to the needs of the poor in their own communities.


Junior LOC is associated with Catholic Schools or Diocesan/Parish groups sponsored through a local Ladies of Charity Association. Currently, in the United States, there are more than 19 Junior LOC chapters with over 780 young women enrolled.

Within the Archdiocese of Washington, there are three Junior LOC chapters with 20 young women giving service to the community. In Prince George’s County Maryland, St. Margaret’s of Scotland Church located in Seat Pleasant has a current membership of 6 junior ladies. These young women are lead by their Moderator, Mrs. Gloria Rose. Also, in Prince George’s County, St. Jerome’s Church in Hyattsville, MD has 10 juniors with the possibility of several more interested young ladies joining the group. These young ladies are lead by their very enthusiastic Moderator, Mrs. Kendra Kochum. The third chapter is located in Calvert County Maryland at St. Anthony of Padua Church in North Beach which has a membership of 4 young ladies. These young women are lead by their Moderator, Ms. Bunny Tate.

The chapter was originally formed on March 11, 2006. Ms. Mary Beth O’Brien, former National President of the Ladies of Charity invested 10 new members at the Annual St. Louise de Marillac Communion Brunch held at St. Ignatius Church.


Junior activities are unlimited! They are based on the needs that Juniors identify and their own interests! Here are some services provided:

  • Annual Valentine and Easter celebrations (including dyeing eggs) at the Shepherd’s Cove shelter for homeless mothers and children;
  • Blankets for the homeless;
  • Clothes for the Congo;
  • Visits to nursing home on Mother’s Day – entertained and donated flowers to the ladies;
  • Toiletries for the mothers at the shelter;
  • Food for a family at Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for children;
  • Donations to St. Ann’s Infant and Maternity Home in Hyattsville, MD;
  • Annual back-to-school drive to collect school supplies for children at the shelter;
  • Doggie biscuits and bones; held fundraiser for the Fishing Creek Animal Shelter;
  • Birthday party for resident of Solomon’s Nursing Home (sign, visit, and serve cake & punch);
  • Baked cookies and filled cans full of goodies for the Sheriff Department each Christmas Eve, call “Cookies for the Cruisers”.


 “Being a JLOC has allowed me to really appreciate all the gifts given to me by God……..I gain a better understanding of how life is for different types of people.”

Taylor W

“It has meant so much to me …. It made me feel like I made someone else’s day better.”

Christen B

“It has meant so much to me …. It made me feel like I made someone else’s day better.”

Angel H

“It means to have the warm feeling inside you that tells you that you have done something good. JLOC teaches young girls about the importance of charity and giving to the less fortunate.”

Tracey Y

“I joined the Junior Ladies of Charity and it means so much to me because it helps me to understand what people are going through, how to help others, and how to be closer to Jesus through others.”

Anya T

“Being a part of the Jr. Ladies of Charity has already been a great experience for me. It gives me a huge sense of satisfaction to be making such an impact on peoples lives through service and prayer!”

Bernadette T

“When my friends and I first heard about the Jr. Ladies of Charity I thought it sounded pretty boring and like a waste of my time, especially because with school, girl scouts and a crazy drama schedule, I had practically no time at all! My friends convinced me to go to the first meeting however and I loved it! I saw how much we were actually able to help people and we had a ton of fun doing it!”

Catie C

“I joined the Junior Ladies of Charity because God has given me so much and I want to give back.”

Rachel T